Dog Friendly – Guest feedback from oscar

Oscar admires the view

The Lodge has always been “dog friendly” – and our intent is for your dog to enjoy the holiday as much as you do.

“Oscar” came to stay with us over the Christmas period, and had a great time both around the Lodge itself and at Calgary beach, which is only a short drive away. Here’s what Oscar had to say about his visit:

“I loved the view from the window – I could see all sorts of interesting things outside. I couldn’t wait to get out and play in the loch.”

“But more than anything, I enjoyed our trip to Calgary beach. It was great fun running around the sand and chasing after my stick.”


If you’d like to bring your pooch to stay with us during 2017, then take a look at our Availability Calendar now.

New Steps – Stairway to Heaven?

Finally we have our own entrance! Visitors next year will be able to climb the new steps to the lodge, instead of having to take “the long way round” as used to be the case. It was back-breaking work, but I think the results are worth it!

Extra points if you can spot the robin that came to inspect our work… 🙂